Import Registration Certificate

Import Registration Certificate (IRC) is one of the mandatory documents to start Import business in Bangladesh. It is well-known as IRC in Bangladesh. This certificate is issue by the CCI&E (Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports). This office also issue Export Registration Certificate for Export business operation and Indenting Registration Certificate for business of Indenting in Bangladesh.

How to collect Import Registration Certificate in Bangladesh?

You should follow the following steps and attach the bellow documents with the application to CCI&E in prescribed form for collecting Import Registration Certificate:
• Apply in prescribed form
• Copy of Trade License
• Copy of NID or Passport of the owner / Managing Director / Partners
• Photographs of the owner / Managing Director / Partners
• TIN Certificate
• Membership Certificate of Respective Trade Organization
• Incorporation Certificate (If Limited Company)
• Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association (If Limited Company)
• Partnership Deed (If Partnership Firm)
• Bank Solvency Certificate
• Main Copy of Treasury Chalan
After submit properly all documents it takes 2/3 days to get Import Registration Certificate. After this you have need VAT Certificate.

Import Registration Certificate (IRC) Fees:

Steps Up to Import
Range Taka
Fees (Tk.) including Pass Book
Fees tk-1000/-
First 5,00,000.00 6,000/-
Second 25,00,000.00 11,000/-
Third 50,00,000.00 19,000/-
Fourth 1,00,00,000.00 31,000/-
Fifth 5,00,00,000.00 46,000/-
Sixth Above 5,00,00,000.00 61,000/-

Import Registration Certificate (IRC) Renewal Fees:

Steps Up to Import
Range Taka
Fees (Tk.) including Pass Book
Fees tk-1000/-
First 5,00,000.00 3,000/-
Second 25,00,000.00 6,000/-
Third 50,00,000.00 10,000/-
Fourth 1,00,00,000.00 15,000/-
Fifth 5,00,00,000.00 22,000/-
Sixth Above 5,00,00,000.00 30,000/-

Scope of Import Business in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a country of 160 million people. It is one of the top ready made garments exporting country in the world. Operating this business sector successfully a large volume of raw materials and accessories like yarn, fabrics, elastic, garments machinery, textile raw materials, machinery, chemicals & dyes need import from abroad. Pharmaceuticals, Agro-based Industries, Cement Industries are growing very fast in Bangladesh. For this reason a huge scope is creating to Import raw materials and machinery in Bangladesh. Moreover we mainly import Woven Cotton Fabrics, Palm Oil, Cell Phones, Video Recorders & Radio Transceivers, Cane Sugar, Wheat, Television, Radio & Accessory Parts, Knitted & Crocheted Fabrics, Synthetic Staple Fiber Yarn, Machines For Preparing Fibers & Yarns, Cement, Woven Fabric of Synthetic Filament Yarn, Electric Generating Sets & Rotary Converters, Washers & Dryers, Cotton Yarn, Sewing Machines, Woven Fabric, Passenger Vehicles, Iron & Steel, Soybean Oil, Woven Pile & Chenille Fabrics, Leguminous Vegetables, Non Crude Oil, Telephone, Fax & Switching Apparatus, Ferrous Waste & Scrap Cotton, Aircraft Engines, Slide Fasteners & Parts, Synthetic Coloring Matter, Computers, Printers & Storage Units, Zinc, Polymers of Ethylene, Coated Paper, Polymers of Polypropylene & Other Olefins, Nitrogenous Fertilizers, Concentrated Milk & Cream, Knitting Machines, Plastic Textile Fabrics, Refrigerators & Freezers, Parts For Fork Lifts, Bulldozers & Graders, Buttons, Synthetic Filament Yarn, Polymers of Vinyl Chloride, Transformers, Converters & Power Supplies, Computer & Office Machines Parts, Phosphoric Fertilizers, Articles of Plastics, Medical, Dental & Vet Instruments, Staple Fiber Sewing Thread, Semi Trucks & Tractors, Air & Vacuum Pumps, Weaving Machines, Auxiliary Machinery For Textile Machines, Pile Fabrics, Soybeans, Labels & Badges, Finishing Agents For Textiles, Medicines in Doses, Trucks, Paper Labels, Records & Tapes, Pumps For Liquids, Woven Cotton Fabrics , Diesel Engines, Rape & Colza Seeds, Woven Cotton Fabrics, Engine Parts, Electrical Switching Boards, Insulated Wire & Cable, Insecticides, Alloy Steel, Kraft Paper, Aluminum, Electric Motors & Generators, Structures & Parts of Iron or Steel Motor Vehicle Parts, Antibiotics, Air Conditioners etc.
If new entrepreneurs want to start Import business in Bangladesh, he or they have few options to start his business. The options are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Privet Limited Company or Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh. If anybody wish to start business alone then the Sole Proprietorship is only option for his. He can start his business by collecting a Trade License from respective authority. If two or more persons want to start a business then they can start a Partnership Business or a Limited Company or a Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh. For this types of business at first get registration from RJSC ( The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms). Know more about RJSC activities.

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